D -------------2-2    guitar: repeat this 
A--0-0-----0-0----    bass:   enters in on A (OBVIOUSLY  :) 
first verse 
A                   G                  D   A 
There's no point in asking you'll get no reply 
A                    G      E 
I just remembered I don't decide 
A        G             D     A 
I got no reason it's all too much 
A       G              E      A 
You'll always find us out to lunch 
D                C           A 
We're so pretty oh so pretty we're vacant 
We're so pretty oh so pretty we're vacant 
second verse 
Don't ask us to attend cos we're not all there 
Don't pretend cos I don't care 
I don't believe illusions cos too much is real 
stop your cheap comments cos we know what we feel 
post chorus 
     G   E       A 
but now we don't care 
repeat first verse 
post chorus 
outro:  A 
      pretty pretty vacant 
      (ad lib) 

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