intro:  F 
        Bb F  x4 
Bb                 F 
There's unlimited supply 
and there is no reason why 
I tell you it was all a frame 
they only did it cos of fame Who? 
Eb F Bb 
E  M I 
second verse 
too many people had the suss 
too many people support us 
An unlimited amount 
Too many outlets in and out Who? 
    C                       G     C  Ab                Bb 
And sir and friends are crucified a day they wish that we had died 
C             G   F#                F 
We are an addition We are ruled by none 
Never ever ever 
solo:  Bb   D C Bb    x4 
third verse 
And you thought that we were faking that we were all just money making 
You do not believe we're for real or would just lose our cheap appeal 
fourth verse 
Dont' judge a book just by the cover unless you cover just another 
And blind acceptance is a sign Of fucking fools who stand in line 
second bridge (from memory, F  if not Bb ) 
Unlimited edition with an unlimited supply 
that was the only reason we all had to say goodbye 
outro (w/ad-lib, repeat until end) 
       Eb    Bb 

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