intro- E  D  E  x4 
She was a girl from Birmingham She just had an abortion 
She was a case of insanity Her name was Pauline she lived in a tree 
F#                                   B 
She was a noone who killed her baby She sent her letters from the country 
She was an animal                   She was a bloody disgrace 
G  A            D      G   A            D          GAAA GAAA 
body I'm not an animal Mommy I'm not an abortion 
second verse 
Dragged on a table in a factory Illegimate place to be 
In a packet in a lavatory Die little baby screaming 
chorus twice 
outro-  D   GAAA GAAA    (repeat until false end) 
third verse 
Fuck this and fuck that fuck it all and fuck the fucking brat 
She don't want a baby that looks like that 
I don't want a baby that looks like that 
outro to end 

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