name: Bryan Rutherford

artist: Sevendust

SongTitle: Rumble Fish

Tabs: Sevendust
Rumble Fish

damn sevendust kicks ass

Drop D tuning   {dadgbe}

the song actually has two guitars, i'm just tabbing it for one.

Intro. the timing is a little tricky, you'll get it though.

 sb =slight bend P = pull off

|----------------8--------------------last fill----------

**there is a little something here. it's in the background, i can't 
figure what he's doing, so good luck** and even if you figure out, i'm not 
sure how your gonna hit the 0's and it at the same time.

play the intro with the fills shown above 2 times.

then play just the 0's part without the fills for the verses. 
when the chorus starts, use the last fill to go into the following riff

 all these 5's on the high e, b, and g string are natural harmonics,, 
lay your finger gently over the strings and strum directly over the 5th 
|---------555555------------repeat this several times thru the 
|---------555555-harmonics          chorus.

thats basically it,, there is one other cool sounding fill that pops up 
every once in a while
this is what it is, just listen for it. 
slight bend, with artificial harmonic  =  sbAF


it's not a perfect tab, but it's good enough to amaze and impress your 
sevendust loving friends.

visit me online cause your bored.
comments or if you other sevendust tabs email me

[email protected]


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