Screeching weasel - Dingbat

tabbed by: Anders Johansson, [email protected] 
/ HP:

    G    D#   D    A#   B  

Main riff: G  D#  A# D


G  D#  A# D
She's a dingbat (x2)


G  D#  A# D
Always walking in to trees
G  D#  A# B
Wakes me up to ask if I'm asleep

Sits around stares in to space
Oh God I hate her face cause she's a dingbat

Her dumbness really bothers me
Brainless questions constantly
I wish shut her mouth, give me a break
Oh God I hate her face

the mainriff PM a couple of times. then continue with the verse.

She lives alone in her own world
Naive wide-eyed little girl
Dosen't care that the world's a mess
She's such a waste of flesh, a waste of flesh

(i found the lyrics @, don't blame me if there's 
any spelling mistakes or so...)

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