Lyrics & music: Nosie Katzmann
From the album: Wicked! (1996)

Tabbed by Linus Olsson ([email protected])

This is a nice ballad with acoustic guitars from the German group Scooter!
You can play this song in two ways. Scooter plays with a capo on the first fret, but you
can also play without a capo. If you wish to play with a capo, play the chords listed in
version 1 below, if you want to play without one, use the chords is section 2. It really
doesn't matter which method you use, but personally I prefer to play with a capo
since you have to jump around so much on the fretboard if you play normally. But anyway,
let me know what you think!

VERSION I - With a capo on 1st fret:

D#  (xx0232)
Cm  (x24432)
Gm  (244222)
A#  (x02220)
G#  (320003)

VERSION II - Without a capo:

D#  (x68886)
Cm  (x35543)
Gm  (355333)
A#  (x13331)
G#  (466544)


D#	Cm	Gm	A#   (play twice)

Verse: (Same chords in second verse)

Where in the world, where in the world

Where in the world did I get this hurt?

Gm                 A#
I don't mind, yeah I don't mind

If you call me bad, call me wrong

Call me anything but your own

Gm                 A#
I don't mind, yeah I don't mind

Bridge: (Same chords in second bridge)

I don't care if you leave me

I don't care if you go away

I don't care if you wanted this

Gm              A#
I don't mind

Chorus: (Same chords in second and third chorus)

D#                                              Cm
Break it up, break it up, break it up, break it up my love

D#                                                 Cm
If you think that you can stay with me, break it up my love

Oh, break it up

Yeah, oh break it up

Oh oh oh, break it up

                    Gm         A#
Yeah, just break it up

Scratch Solo:

(Play verse chords here)


G#	Cm	G#	Gm      A#

For comments, corrections, questions etc. mail to: '[email protected]'

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