eadd9         f*m              a    b
never want to fly never wanna leave
eadd9         f*m                a      b
never want to words frightend to believe

f*m                    a
sometimes i feel like this is only chemistry
f*m            a
stuck in amaze searching for a way to
f*m                    a
shut down turn around feel the ground beneath me 
f*m                    a
your so close where do you and where do i begin
f*m                     a
always pushin and pulling
f*m                    a
sometimes sanity takes vacation time on me
f*m                      a
im in a daze stumbled and bewildered
f*m                              a
north of gravity stuck up in the atmosphere
f*m                             a
you and i rollarcoaster ride in love

f*m                   a
your the center of adreneline 
f*m                a
and im begining to understand

never want to fly never wanna leave
never wanna say what you mean tome
never want to words frightend to believe
your the best thing all about me


verse2 same as v1
walk on broken glass make my way through fire
these are things i would do for love
farewell piece of mind kiss goodbye to reason
up is down and the impossible occurs each day

this intoxication thrills me
i only hope it dosent kill me


your the center of adreneline
and im begigning to understand

eadd9            f*m              a    b
you could be the best thing about me oh
come on


this is my first tab so take it easy on me i noticed it wasn`t there so i tabbed it
sounds right

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