GOT TO THROW UP - Satanic Surfers 

By: Thomas Eilander: [email protected] 

Thirst chord: E - then intro 


play this two times, after the 2nd time the two chords Eii and F#ii and 
then the fast handpalmmuting part as follow: 

E|--7-9-------------5-7---------------------7-9-------------| Now play the 
B|--7-9-------------5-7---------------------7-9-------------| powerchords 
D|--7-9---9--7------5-7---4--5--7-----------7-9---9--7------| G B A# A 
Eii D Eii 

This whole thing two times with fast muting on the Eii and D chords. 

Eii B 
we spend eight hours on the road 
C D Eii 
just to put up a shitty show 
few appreciate 
C D Eii 
we play our set and go... 
A B 
...to where ever it is that we're 
Eii D B A G 
gonna stay tonight 

Eii D B A G 
and now that the tension is gone 
A# A G 
we laugh at our mistakes 
A# A G 
let go of the breaks 
A# A G Eii 
have a few bears and re lax 
A# A G Eii 
have a few bears with our friens 

Brigde2: Eii D Eii G B A# A 

Eii B 
we bring some friends and our gear in the van 
C D Eii 
that's why were always too late 
lucifer doesn't go too fast 
C D Eii 
and we're not always feeling so great 
C D 
5 cups of coffee, 1 or 2 beers 
Eii A G A 
then I'm in shape for an intense shit-break 
C D Eii 
before I can go up on stage 

Play the intro again but now one time. 

coffee drinking, always stinking 

still brings out the best in me 

the smelly farts, the crapy jokes 

the stomacheases, headaches 

the laughs and the........ 

Play the handpalmmuting part over the lyrics above and improve with the solo. 

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