Title: What Might Have Been
Artist: Paolo Santos
Tabbed by: Reynaldo R. Ramos
           [email protected]  
Tuning: Standard Tuning, capo on 1st fret for original key!all chords 
        are relative to capo.

Eto na po yung request ninyo!!! pasensya na natagalan BC me eh!!yung ibang
tabs ni paolo saka kona gagawan ng tab pag may time ako!

NOTE: yung original key nya is 1/2 step higher(G#)but i hear a lower key of 
F open 6th string and it is very hard to use the Em7 chords without capo,
so it was played with a capo on the first fret: pwede na
ring walang capo pero 1/2 step lower tune tyo. 

Note: use this chords,for me it is the original chords!

      G5                    C5                    Am/D        
e|-----3------|       e|-----3-------|      e|-----0-------|
B|-----3------|       B|-----0-------|      B|-----1-------| 
G|-----0------|       G|-----0-------|      G|-----2-------|
D|-----0------|       D|-----2-------|      D|-----0-------|             
A|-----2------|       A|-----3-------|      A|-----0-------|           
E|-----3------|       E|------- -----|      E|-------------|           

       C                   Asus/D                 Em7
e|-----0-------|      e|-----0-------|      e|-----0-------|
B|-----1-------|      B|-----3-------|      B|-----3-------| 
G|-----0-------|      G|-----2-------|      G|-----0-------|
D|-----2-------|      D|-----0-------|      D|-----0-------|             
A|-----3-------|      A|-----0-------|      A|-----2-------|           
E|-------------|      E|-------------|      E|-----0-------|           

      Am7                  D7sus                 D7sus/G
e|-----0-------|      e|-----3-------|      e|-----3-------|
B|-----1-------|      B|-----1-------|      B|-----1-------| 
G|-----0-------|      G|-----2-------|      G|-----0-------|
D|-----2-------|      D|-----0-------|      D|-----0-------|             
A|-----0-------|      A|-------------|      A|-------------|           
E|-------------|      E|-------------|      E|-------------|           

      A7sus                  F                      E
e|-----0-------|      e|-----1-------|      e|------0------|
B|-----3-------|      B|-----1-------|      B|------0------| 
G|-----0-------|      G|-----2-------|      G|------1------|
D|-----2-------|      D|-----3-------|      D|------2------|             
A|-----0-------|      A|-----3-------|      A|------2------|           
E|-------------|      E|-----1-------|      E|------0------| 

      F#m7                   B
e|-----2-------|      e|-----2-------|           
B|-----2-------|      B|-----4-------|            
G|-----2-------|      G|-----4-------|             
D|-----2-------|      D|-----4-------|                          
A|-----4-------|      A|-----2-------|                       
E|-----2-------|      E|-------------|                       

Intro:  G5--C5--

Stanza I.

G5          C
Somewhere, lost in the wind 
   G5             A7sus/D
I'm watching you 
  Em7                   Am7
Sunlight touching your hair 
And I remember 
G5        C                     G5
Somehow, we said that we would never stray 
      A7sus/D Em7       Am7   D7sus
But somehow we lost our way 

Refrain 1:
Asus/D G5  C
Promises   too often spoken 
     Am7 ,  Em7      C,D7sus/G
Are easily broken apart 
I'm ready this time 
  Em7               C              A7sus   
I know that I'm no longer undecided,  No No
And I Don't wanna be 
   Fpause   D7sus/G pause
A fool wondering

Stanza II. (Do Stanza 1 chords) 
What might have been 
Trace of forever lingering 
Drawing me closer to you 
A new beginning 
Now I know 
There is no doubt I understand 
Just how fragile love can be 

Refrain 2: (Do Refrain 1 chords)
I can't forget 
Your mem'ry by me 
Now I know where I belong 
And I'm ready this time 
I know that I'm no longer undecided,  No No 
And I Don't wanna be a fool wondering 

     G5        Em7 D7sus/G
What might have been 
G5                   Em7
Through every day, into the night 
  C                     A7sus
We got love to guide us 
    D7sus/G            F     D7sus/G
And i don't wanna be a fool wondering
What might have been
        Asus/D Em7             F#m7          B 
Let the lovin' decide, I can't run, I can't hide 


I'm ready to go
   Gsuspause                 G5
My heart will show that I'm ready this time 
 Em7                C               A7sus 
I know that I'm no longer undecided 
    D7sus/G              F     D7sus/G       G5            C   
And I don't wanna be, a fool wondering what might have been 
      G5                       Em7
I've searched everywhere, and nothing compares
      C                        A7sus 
When only  love to guide us 
     D7sus/Gpause     Fpause D7sus/Gpause
And I don't wanna be a fool wondering
Outro: G5--C-D7sus/G-
What might have been
I'm wondering what might have been 
We're gonna find what might have been 
I've got to know what might have been. 
ohh ohh  ohhh, what might have been,what might have been
**********************************   ***************************************

Hope you enjoy!! if you hear or think any mistakes or mistune, you can modify
this tab and e mail me to improve it!!

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