SONG TITLE: Listenin' To The Radio
                 ARTIST/GROUP: Adam Sandler
               TRANSCRIBED BY: [email protected]
   F     (133211)
   G     (320003) or (320033)
   C     (x32010)
   Cmaj7 (x32000)
   Easy song, rather boring, I only did it because it was a request.
   Good lyrics though.
   The picking part that's used
   throughout the song goes
   like this:
       F       G       C     Cmaj7
   This picking pattern is used in a lot of places in the song, you'll
   hear it. The chords through most of the song are 'F G C Cmaj7', you
   can always use this picking stuff on those chords. Then he strums
   'Am C' at the beginning of the choruses, that's the whole song. I
   just strum all the chords, it sounds good to me.
   INTRO: [play with picking pattern above]
   F  G  C Cmaj7
   F  G  C Cmaj7
   VERSE 1:
              F         G   C Cmaj7
   Where's my Peggy Sue?
                  F      G   C Cmaj7
   I could use a Rosalita
                F         G         C Cmaj7
   If there's a Long Tall Sally out there
                F        G   C Cmaj7
   I'm dyin' to meet her 
             F      G            C Cmaj7
   Why can't I hear Beth callin' me?
             F        G           C    Cmaj7
   Why can't I be the one to make Sara smile?
     F          G               C    Cmaj7
   I wish I was arm in arm with Jean genie
             F          G   C Cmaj7
   Walkin' down the aisle
      F   G   C Cmaj7
   Oh yeah
       F   G   C Cmaj7
   All right
         Am          C     

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