hello! mga peepz ang song na ay tinuro sa amin ng Naughty Voice band, hi pala sa
kanila! hi pala sa IJMCP band San Pablo!! (A.O.E) wag nyo na tanong ko anong ibig
sabihin nan! hehehe! hi pala sa bandmates ko si Quinn,Jenn,Joana, Bea at saka sa
mga friends ko sa 1st year, 2nd year at 3rd year hi sa inyong lahat woohoo! love
you all! hi ayala friend!- charise!

Intro: D-E-D-E
stanza: A-C#m-D-Dm
Refrain: F#m-C#m-D-E
Chorus: A-E-F#m-C#m-E

Stanza: Don't stray
        Don't ever go away
        I should be much too smart for this
        you know it gets the better of me
        sometimes, when you and i collide
         i fall into an ocean of you
          pull me out in time

refrain: don't let me drown
          let me down
        i say its all because of you

Stanza: and here I go...
        losing my control
        i'm practicing your name so i can say it to your face
        and it doesn't seem right
         to look you in the eye
        let all the things you mean to me
        tumblin' out my mouth
Refrain: indeed its time   
         tell you why 
         say its infinately true

say you'll stay, don't come and go
like you do
sway my way, yeah i need to know, all about you

Stanza: and there's no cure
         and no way to be sure
       why everything's turned inside out
       instilling so much doubt
       it makes me so, tired
       i feel so uninspired
        my head is battling with my heart 
        a logic has been torn apart

Refrain: and now it ohhh so sour
        come sweeten every afternoon

it's all because of you...
it's all because of you...

*adlib* (sa susunod na!!)
refrain(2x): and now its ooohhh so sour
         come sweeten every afternoon
         its time to
         tell you why 
         say its infinately true

its all because of you... 
its all because of you...
its all because of you...

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