tabbed by: Toby Kuipers
Artist:    Rolling Stones
song:      Time is on my Side (intro)

Eversince I started playing guitar and saw the movie 'fallen' I wanted to play
the intro of 'Time is on my side' from the Rolling stones. It wasn't on the
internet so here's a effort of my own. I think it sounds quit accurate, but if
you think you've got something better, please let me know: [email protected]
note, this is only the intro.

E -16b17-17r16-16b-16p13----16---------------------------------------------------------
B -----------------------16-----14r13-------16/18-18-16/18-18-16/18-18-16/18-18-16/18--
G ------------------------------------16-----------------------------------------------
D ---------------------------------------16--------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

E ---------------------------------------------------------
B -18-16/18-18-1613-13-11---------------------------------
G -------------------------13-13----15b-15b16-16r15--------
D -------------------------------15------------------------
A ---------------------------------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------

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