e |---|---|---|---|
 B |---|---|-3-|---|
 G |---|-1-|---|---|
 D |---|---|---|---|
 A |---|---|---|---|
 E |---|---|---|---|
 e |---|---|---|---|---|
 B |---|---|---|---|-3-|
 G |---|---|---|-1-|---|
 D |---|---|---|---|---|
 A |---|---|---|---|---|
 E |---|---|---|---|---|
 Always Suffering
      By Jagger/Richards
 [A] [Dsus2] [E?] [Dsus2] [E?] [A]
 [A] [Dsus2] [E?] [Dsus2] [E?] [A]
 Let`s take a [A]walk
 Just you and [Dsus2]me
 And talk of [E?]days [Dsus2]gone [A]by
 Across the [A]fields
 under the [Dsus2]trees
 Let`s speak of [E?]you [Dsus2]and [A]I
 While the [E?]whole [Dsus2]world
 Was [A]wandering
 We [E?]walked a [Dsus2]steady [A]line
 When [E?]all our [Dsus2]friends
 Were [D]wavering
 We kept on [E]trying
 Now we`re [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 Remember [A]when
 On summer [Dsus2]days
 I would [E?]sing a [Dsus2]lovers [E]song
 How you would [A]smile
 Shower me with [Dsus2]praise
 And the [E?]sun [Dsus2]shined [A]on
 Now the [E?]rain is [[Dsus2]falling [A]slow
 And the [E?]nights [Dsus2]grow [A]long
 And the [E?]train
 Cries [Dsus2]out so [D]hauntingly
 She is [E]gone
 Now we`re [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 Please take these [A]flowers
 Smell the [Dsus2]perfume
 Let your [E?]soul [Dsus2]come [A]alive
 Let there be [A]hope
 Hope in your [Dsus2]heart
 That our [E?]love [Dsus2]may [A]reviiaiaiaive
 For [E?]life is [Dsus2]but a [A]chance
 On a [E?]wind [Dsus2]swept [A]hill
 And the [E?]seeds of [Dsus2]love
 Are [D]swirling above
 Let them be [E]still
 Now we`re [A]al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 [A]Al[D]ways [E]suffering
 [A]Al[D]ready [E]lost
 ||  [A] [D] [E]  :|
   until fade out
 P.S. Please sent me some e-mail ([email protected]) if you like it or
 think that something is wrong.

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