C                       Am                   
Close your eyes so you don´t feel them
   C                    G
They don´t need to see you cry.
    C                   Am    
I can´t promise I will heal you 
    C                   F
But if you want to I will try.
I sing this somber serenade
   Dm                            Am Am Am/C Am/H Am/D   
Past is done we´ve been betrayed it´s true.
Someone said that truth will out
   Dm                        Am G 
But I believe without a doubt in you.

  C                       F
You were there for summer dreaming
  C                         G
And you gave me what I need
   C                           F
And I hope you´ll find your freedom
   C           G      C
For eternity,for eternity.

Yesterday as you were walking
We talked about your mam and dad.
What they did tht made you happy
And what they did that made you sad.

We sat and watched the sun go down
Then picked a star before we lost the moon.
Youth is wasted on the young
Before you know it´s come and gone too soon.


You were there for summer dreaming 
And you are a friend indeed
And I hope you´ll find your freedom
Eventually,for eternity.

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