Song: A Love to share(acoustic)
Artist: Rivermaya
Tabbed by: Rodjiec Son 
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F-	X87565
   Dm- X57765
C-	X35553

Intro: F-Dm-C

If I could take over
The world we we're in
               F            Dm         C
I wanna reach out to every human being
I'll take all the sorrow
I every goodbye   F
I shed all the tears 
           Dm            C
So no one ever needs to cry


F        Dm        C
Nobody cares for me 
F        Dm         C
Nobody here needs me
F          Dm       
A love to share but 
Nobody dares 
F       Dm         C
Nobody cares for me

(Do stanza chords)
I'll summon the ocean 
And drown out the pain
I wanna be shelter to the countless shame 
Erase every conflict 
From every divide 
I wanna give every bit of me until I die



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