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From: ppal[email protected] (Peter Palmer)

Can't Hardly Wait
The Replacements
Album: Please to Meet Me

Here is how I play this one.
Play the intro riff for all of the verses.  The chords are
close approximations.   (Just play the riff.)


D(F#bass)   Bm     D
Write you a letter tomorrow

  D(F#bass)     Bm      D
Tonight I can't hold a pen

D(F#bass)     Bm              D
Someone got a stamp that I can borrow

   D(F#bass)     Bm               D
I promise not to blow the address again

A           Bm           D
Lights That flash in the evening

A          Bm           D
Through a crack in the drapes


D(F#bass) Bm      D
Jesus     rides beside me

D(F#bass)     Bm     D
He never buys and he smokes

Hurry-up, Hurry-up

Ain't you had enough of this stuff?

D(F#bass)       Bm                      D
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes and filthy jokes

  A          Bm       D
I see you're high and lonesome

A       Bm      D
Try and try and try


A           Bm           D
Lights That flash in the evening

A           Bm        D
Through a hole in the drapes

A       Bm            F#m
I`ll be home when I'm sleeping

A       Bm     D
I can't hardly wait

NC      D(F#bass) Bm       D
I can't wait,       hardly wait

Pete Palmer                     ([email protected])
They may say those were the days, but in a way, y'know,
For us these are the days - Yeah, for us these are the days ...
                                       Jane's Addiction `90

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