this song is a pretty simple one, as all great songs are.
its only four chords, and the only change is in timing.

F                    C
So it was Jeremy in nineteen eighty-three in his
G                  Bb
Ocean Pacific tee who got a bloody knee

On his skateboard in the half pipe
in the backyard that Tuesday night

CHORUS 1(strum pattern changes)

F      C          G         Bb
  And im only gonna pierce my left ear
F                C              G       Bb          F
  And i've been workin on this mustache all summer long
          C                  G         Bb
  And my favorite band will always be tears for fears
F         C           G                Bb     G               C 
  And im gonna wear a pink tux to the prom (a pink tux to the prom)

Verse progression:

Skippin class out the first-floor window he's
drivin fast cuz he never did a thing slow
and i look up to my big bro
cuz in the eighties all the ladies grabbed his hand and couldnt let go


so on and so on. blah. have fun.

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