Hold On - Reef

Chords Used

A - 002220
D - 000232
G - 320033
F - 133211
C - 032010

Intro - A  C  D
A           C			D           A
Time, you walk the road and then leave it behind
C	      D                A
Nothings ever clearer in your mind
C	        D                A   C
But if you go please bear me in mind

A		C		G                  A
Hold On, no matter what you're going through just hold on
C		G                A
Celebrate the things you do yeah hold on,
C		G                A       C
They can take away from you yeah hold on


D		C	G
Where are you going?
D		C	G
Where are you going?
D		C	G
Where are you going?
D         C  G
Without me

Verse 2:

A               C                  G                A
Sailor, you've thought about your life and you're a sailor
C                 G                A
Cruising days on wind sent by your saviour,
C             G                   A      C
If you could hold a day you'd elevate her

F G D x2

F	G		D
How do you think you are?
F	G		D
You see a place and you can get there
F	G		D
Closer you crawl each day
F	G		D        C
Beatiful time keeps tripping away

Repeat Chorus

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