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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 16:48:26 +0200
From: Ibongz 

Song: Set the twilight reeling
Album: Set the twilight reeling

This appeared in lou Reed's news....
It's written by Ferdinando Pertusio

|A    A A2 A| D     E    |    (main riff)

A                        A  A2  A  D
Take me for what I am
  E           A        A A2 A D      E
A star newly emerging
A                A A2 A   D
  Long simmering explodes
  E                A          A A2 A D       E
inside the self is reeling
        A                         A       A2      A
In the pocket of the heart in the rushing of the blood
       D                       E                A             A A2 A
D     E
In the muscle of my sex in the mindful mindless    love
  A                         A A2 A D
I accept the new found man
      E            A         A A2 A D    E
And   S   T   T    R.


distorted electric guitar part:

|E      |F#      |G       |A        |

       E                 F#
As the twilight sunburst gleams
       G                A
As the chromium moon it sets
     E             F#        G
As I lose all my regrets
    A     E      F#      G        A
And S T T R
   E                   F#       G
I accept the new found man
    A     E
And S T T R.

NOTE: In the main riff in the clean part of the song, I think Lou
play the 1st string (that's the high pitched E, to avoid any

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