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Title:          These Arms of Mine
Artist:         Otis Redding
Author:         Otis Redding
>From Album:            The Very Best of Otis Redding

              A               E7
These arms of mine, they are lonely
D                  A
Lonely and feeling blue
              A              E7
These arms of mine, they are yearning
D                     A
Yearning from wanting you

      A             A+                A6               A7     D
        And if you . . . would let them . . . hold . . . you
      7              A
        Oh, how grateful I will be

              A              E7
These arms of mine, they are burning
D                    A
Burning from wanting you
              A              E7
These arms of mine, they are longing
D          A
Longing to hold you


D                E          A                         A7 (trill)
Come home, baby, just be my woman, just be my lovin'
D              E                A       A7
Oh, I need somebody to treat me right
D                     E       A               A7 (trill)
Oh, I need two lovin' arms to hold me tight
D                      E        A                           A7
And I need your tender lips to hold me, oh hold me tight

Use these chords in the chorus:
A =     x02220
A+ =    xxx221
A6 =    xxx222
A7 =    xxx223
D =     xx0232
E#7=    x76454
        A =     577655

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