Main Riff:

This is the place where all 
The junkies go 
Where time gets fast 
But everything gets slow 

Can I get some vaseline 
Step into a modern scene 
Take a chance of that 
Which seems to be 
The making of a dream 

I don´t want to do it 
Like my daddy did 
I don´t want to give it 
To my baby´s kid 

This is my calling... 

This is the place where all 
The devils plead 
Their case to take from you 
What they need 
Can I isolate your gene 
Can I kiss your dopamine 
In a way I wonder 
If she´s living in a magazine 

I don´t want to say it 
If it isn´t so 
I don´t want to weigh it 
But i´ve got to know 

This is my calling... 

I saw you out there yesterday 
What did you want to say 
A perfect piece of DNA 
Caught in a flashing ray 
I caught you out there in the fray 
What did you want to say 
A master piece of DNA 
Caught in a flashing ray 

Can I smell your gasoline 
Can I pet your wolverine 
On the day my best friend died 
I could not get my copper clean 

I don´t want to take it up 
With little Joe 
I don´t want to fake it 
But i´ve gotta know 

This is my calling... 

I am a misfit 
I´m born with all of it 
The fucking ultimate 
Of love inside the atom split 

I´m in a flash ray 
A mash of DNA 
Another poppin´ Jay 
Who thinks he´s got 
Something to say

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