Intro (Repeat 2x)	

---------------------|Играется все куплеты

Should have been could have been
would have been dead
If I didn´t get the message 
goin´ to my head
I am what I am
most motherfuckers
Don´t give a damn

|--------|Так играются две последние строчки во всех куплетах

aw baby think you can
be my girl I´ll be your man

someone full of fun
do me till I´m well done
little bo peep
cummin´from my stun gun
beware take care
most motherfuckers
have a cold ass stare
aw baby please be there
suck my kiss cut me my share


E     Dsus4 D5  Dsus4 D5    A
Hit me, you can´t hurt me
suck my kiss
E5    Dsus4 D5 Dsus4 D5 Dsus4    A
kiss me please pervert me
stick with this
E      Dsus4        D5 Dsus4  A  N.C.
is she talking dirty
            E               Dsus4
give to me sweet sacred bliss
Dsus4           A5     N.C.
your mouth was made to suck my kiss

Look at me can´t you see
all I really want to be
is free from a world
that hurts me 
i need relief
do you want me girl
to be your thief
aw baby just for you
I´d steal anything that you want me to

Chicka chicka dee
do me like a banchee
low brow is how
swimming in the sound 
of bow wow wow
aw baby do me now
do me here I do allow


Repeat 1st verse.

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