D o s e d

        R e d H o t C h i l i P e p p e r s 

	          (By The Way -LP)

       C     D   Bm       Em
1.	I--- got dosed by you and

       C   D        Bm      Em
	closer than most to you and

       C     Dб      Bmб      Em
	what am I supposed to do and

	C		    G            Em
	Take it away, I never had it anyway.

	C		     G		   Em
	Take it away and ev'rything will be okay.

	2.	In you a star is born and
		You cut a perfect form and
		Someone forever warm and
		Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on.
		Lay on, lay on, lay on, lay on.

	G		 D		        Em   C
CRS:	Way upon the mountain where she di - ed,

	G	     D               Em   C
	all I ever wanted was your li - fe.

	G	          D              Em   C
	Deep inside the canyon I can't hi---de,

      G          D               Em   C
	all I ever wanted was your li - fe.

	3.	Show love with no remorse and,
		climb onto your seahorse and,
		this ride is right on course and
		this is the way I wanted it to be with you
		this is the way I knew it would be with you

Then chorus, repeat 1st verse, chorus and you're done!

If you don't know the chords, here they come:

      C  x32010
      D  xx0232
      Bm 224432
      Em 02200x
      G  320022

Transcribed by Juho Routakorpi (r o u t s i k k a @ s u r f e u . f i). 
If there's mistakes or anything, please email them to me! Or you could mail 
me anyway, I'd like to get to know RHCP fans around the
world... Anyway, you can freely distribute this tab to all your
guitar playing friends!

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