Intro: Em | Am | D | Hm | C | Am | D | H7

Em        Am                D
She never took the train alone
           Hm           C
she hated being on her own 
            Am             D
She always took me by the hands
and say she needs me 
She never wanted love to fail
she always hoped that it was real 
She'd look me in the eyes
and say believe me 

And then the night becomes the day
and there’s nothing left to say 
If there's nothing left to say
then something’s wrong 

	Em  Am           D                  Hm
	Oh tonight you killed me with your smile
	      C           Am       H7
	so beautiful and wild so beautiful 
	Em    Am          D                 Hm
	Oh tonight you killed me with your smile
	      C           Am       H7           Em
	so beautiful and wild so beautiful and wild 

And as the hands would turn with time
she'd always say that she was my mine 
She'd turn and lend a smile
to say that she's gone 

But in a whisper she'd arrive
and dance into my life 
Like a music melody
like a lovers song


H                   Em
Through the darkest night 
H                   Em
comes the brightest light
H                   Em
And the light that shines
is deep inside
It's who you are


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