Dm Am
With a rebel mind and a gypsy heart
No place could ever be home
Gm                         B                  Dm (A)
Drawn like a wolf to the moon it calls to my soul
Ain't got no woman, they just tie me down
Freedom is my only friend
I get a feeling destiny lies 'round the bend

B A Dm C
One for the road
  Am           Dm    Am7
Slave to the highway
King of the road

Chasing the sun as it sets in the sky
Swear that I'll catch it someday
Lights of the city behind are fadingg away
Makin' my way through the names on the map
No point in feeling alone
As long as I ride the open road I'll always have a home

Проигрыш:Dm A7 Dm B Gm A7 - 2р
         Gm B A A/C# Dm Dm/F E E/G# 
         A A/G D/A A - 2р Dm...
         Gm Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm C A
         A B A Em/B Dm/F A/E

My future is calling a cry in the wind
Leading me out of my past
Got no destination but know that I'm getting there fast
Crossed many miles got so many to go
Each one calling my name
Won't settle down and you know I'll never be tamed


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