From: [email protected] (Andreas Walsh)
 			Stone Cold Crazy
 Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning I was
 Dreamiing I was Al Capone, There`s a
 rumour goin` round gotta clear outta town, I`m
 smelling like a dry fish-bone.
 Here come the law gonna break down the door gonna
 carry me away once more
 Never! I never never wnat it anymore
 Gotta get away from this stone cold floor
 Stone cold crazy you know.
 Gm		Bb
 Gm		C
 Gm		Bb
 Gm		C
 Repeat first part of verse with following words:
 Rainy afternoon I gotta blow a typhoon
 And I`m playing on my slide trombone
 Anymore, anymore cannot take it anymore
 Gotta get away from this stone cold floor
 Walking down th street 
 Shooting people that I meet
 With my rubber Tommy water gun
 Here come the deputy 
 He`s gonna come and getta me
 I gotta get up and run
 They got the sirens loose 
 I ran right outa juice
 Theyr`e gonna put me in a cell
 If I can`t go to heaven
 Will they   let me go to hell?
 		       "Squeeze me Macaroni"
  			Bungle is Buddha

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