A                          Db
  Why don´t you shut the door            

And close the curtains

´Cause you´re not going anywhere

A                     Db
  He´s coming up the stairs

And in a moment

He´ll want to see your underwear


D                     Dm
  I couldn´t stop it now

There´s no way to get out

He´s standing far too near

How the hell did you get here

          F#m         D           A
Standing naked in somebody elses room

             F#m           E
I´d give my whole life to see you

      D            Dm
Just you standing there

Only in your underwear

[Verse 2] (same chords as verse 1)
If fashion is your trade
When you´re naked
I guess you must be unemployed
But once it´s underway
There´s no escaping
The fact that you´re a girl and he´s a boy


[violin solo]
A     Absus4 Ab    Asus4 A   E  Ab  (x2)
A   Db  D   Dm

[Verse 3]
If you could close your eyes
And just remember
This is what you wanted last night
So why is it so hard
For you to touch him
For you to give yourself to him, Jesus

A                Absus4  Ab ... (etc)  
  Du du du du du du      du ...

A      Db            D
   Oh yeah, I wanna see you

       Dm                           A
Wanna see you standing in your underwear.

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