the guitar is standard tuned-this is my transcription of the basic rifff wich goes on and on throug the whole song-ive read some of those which were on this page,but they are definitly wrong!!!!-so heres my kick ass version-which i found out alone-IT IS RIGHT IM SURE!!!!-you just need 2 strings for that:
(i didnt transcript any tempo-but i guess this is easy to learn and play)

A -------13--10--8--10---10--8---5--3--5---5-5-3-1----------
E -3-3---------------------------------------------3-3------

A -5-3-1----------------------------------------------------
E --------5-3-5---------------------------------------------

i think its pretty cool-anyway,if anyone has got rage against the machine guitar tabs (arranged for standard tuning-not drop d) that are better than those that you can find here-pleeze send them to [email protected]
i need to learn how to play them!

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