HEEL OVER HEAD - Puddle of Mudd

Tabbed by: D. Guy
Email: [email protected]

Standard Tuning, Power Chords used:

     B5     A5    E5    F#5    C5

It starts out by strumming B5 about 17x's, then A5 once, quickly to E5 once, then
to F#5 about 17x's (clean). Also, a distorted C5 is hit 7x's. This is  the same
pattern in the verses.

1st verse:

B5                           A5 E5
Don't you walk out that door
Don't even pet the dog on the floor
      B5                          A5 E5
Just take your things in the yard
    F#5                C5
And throw your keys anywhere....(repeat for each verse)

[Pre - Chorus]

Heel over head
Jet lag sky is painted white again
I'm heel over head
Leave my eyes in the clouds again

[Chorus] - Distorted

B5                A5 B5 F#5
You don't save me  at   all
You don't save me at all
                  A5 B5  F#5
You don't save me  at   all

You don't save me

Just follow the pattern...it's pretty straight forward. 

When he says: 
I'm sorry, and I'm sorry you don't See me, Hear me, Touch me, Bring me....
it's the same thing, just palm-mute the strings.

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