Portishead - Roads
Tabbed by Andy Simpson: 

It's the same structure throughout so just replace the lyrics for each verse
respectivly. There's only one change in the song which is the verse where the
strings come in (approx. 2:30) with the last chord, an Am, being replaced by
an E7.

Am   G6
              Fmaj7    E7
Can't anybody see?
              Am              G6
You've got to walk to find me
                  Fmaj7         E7                  F
Never found our way,  regardless   of what they say
 	      	G     Am              F
How can it feel  this wrong?  From this moment
 	    G	      Am
How can if feel  this wrong?

Am x02210
G6 x22010/322000
Fmaj7 x03210
E7 022130/020100
G 320033
F x03211

Enjoy... Radiohead rule by the way :)

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