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The Broad Majestic Shannon        The Pogues

D G  D Bm  D G  A D
    D                                   G
The last time I saw you was down at the Greeks
          D                     G            Bm
There was whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks
A   D                             G
You sang me a song as pure as the breeze
     D            G       A
on a road leading up Glenaveigh
  D                      G
I sat for a while at the cross at Finnoe
            D                          G               Bm
Where young lovers would meet when the flowers were in bloom
A     D                                        G
Heard the men coming home from the fair at Shinrone
      D              G        A         D
Their hearts in Tipperary wherever they go
        D                  G     A
Take my hand, and dry your tears babe
        D                 G     A
Take my hand, forget your fears babe
           D                     G  A
There's no pain, there's no more sorrow
            D     G             A
They're all gone,   gone in the years babe

I sat for a while by the gap in the wall
Found a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball
Heard the cards being dealt, and the rosary called
And a fiddle playing Sean Dun na nGall
And the next time I see you we'll be down at the Greeks
There'll be whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks
For it's stupid to laugh and it's useless to bawl
About a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball

     D                     G   A
So I walked as the day was dawning
                  D                    G   A
Where small birds sang and leaves were falling
              D                     G   A
Where we once watched the row boats landing
       D     G         A   D
By the broad  majestic Shannon

D G  D Bm  D G  A D

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