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From: [email protected] (Jonathan Eyre)

Hookayyy - Planet of Sound uses a drop D tuning, so tune yr low E to a

The song uses only two chords - A5 and D5:

  A5  D5

Start on A5, move to D5, and just alternate between the two. The solo is
just a cheesy blues lick.

You can actually buy a complete book of 'Trompe Le Monde' tab, but it's
not very good.

Lyrics off the top of my head -

Planet of Sound (Black Francis)

One fine day in my odd past
I picked me up a transmission
I hit the fission ignition,
Went looking for the broadcaster

And when I first touched some ground
They simply asked me to leave
Was kind of hard to believe
Cause there was no-one around
This ain't the planet of sound, etc.

I had a talented wine
That land of classical gas
And on the planet of glass
They sent me skipping through time

I got to somewhere renowned
For its canals, and colour of red
And lots of guys who shook their head
Rhythmically to resound
This ain't the planet of sound...
This ain't no rock and roll town
This ain't no fucking around
This ain't your planet of sound

Hope that's helpful

Jon Eyre ([email protected])

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