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By the Pixies (credited to kim deal)

there is a wealth of pixies tunes at ftp.uwp.edu in
pubmusicguitarppixies. if you'd like to upload this transcription
to an ftp site, please do so!

questions/comments to [email protected] send them pixies
requests in! i just might do em.

this song is rather simple, but very musically effective.

main riff (on bass):


and this i know, his teeth as white as snow
what a gas it was....
(guitar) rest
(bass)   main riff

hey paul, hey paul, hey paul, let's have a...
(guitar) get wacky feedback in key of G
(bass) main riff

gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love...
(guitar) G5   C5  D5   B5   C5   D5
(bass) keep chuggin that main riff

after the second verse, there is a guitar break that goes:


(bass) rest

(guitar) G5        E5   D5    |   four times, then back to chorus
(bass) main riff              |/

Roger Ellero                   In all history the only bright rays cutting
[email protected]  through the gloom of oppression have come from
Rochester, MI                  men who would rather get hurt than give in.

From: [email protected] (Roger Ellero)
Date: 6 Jul 1993 14:56:41 -0400
Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature,alt.guitar.tab
Subject: Gigantic correction

well i'm 2 mistakes for 2 posts. grrr... thanks to Jordan Ellenberg
for pointing out my error. no more typos, folks.... here's the real chorus:

gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big big love...
(guitar) G5   D5  E5   B5   C5   D5
(bass) keep chuggin that main riff


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