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From Sagi Assaf
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 1994 13:41:14 +0300
To: [email protected]
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INTRO : Gm Cm }X8

VERSE1 : Now the sun is burning

         In deepest space

         That's the way things are
         G                     E

         Through a storm I called you

         It fell each day

         I din't get so far
         G              E

         My words get blown away
         Am           Cm D    Gm Cm...

VERSE2 : (same chords as first verse)

         My lips are moving
         If you touch my face
         Did you hear my screams ?
         While we were sleeping
         I tried to say
         Even in my dreams
         My words get blown away

BRIDGE : Am Cm Am Cm

VERSE3 : Now the sun is burning

         In deepest space

         I didn't get so far...
         G               E    Am

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