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From: [email protected] (Mark Schnitzius)

More Pixies (R.I.P  :-(  ) by request.  Really weird chord
progression on this one as it is -- plus, everything moves
up a half a step for most of the first verse, then drops
back down a half step for the end of the first verse and all
but the last bit of the second -- when it goes back UP again
by a half step.  Odd, but somehow it works.  I'm in awe.

Again, the lyrics may be a bit off -- for some reason the
lyrics for only about half the songs on Bossanova came with
my CD.

by the Pixies
off of Bossanova

Some chords you will need:

   Bbm  C#  F#  Ab  Bm  Bb  F

Opening chords:  E E Bbm

Intro (solo played over chords appearing at top):

Bbm        A  C#              F#  A          Bbm     A

 C#                F# A      C#	    Ab

 C#          Ab       A              Bbm E Bbm

Bm          Bb
   She's my faith

D                     G
  I'm trusting in the sun

Bb           Bm
   Return to sea

Bb   D                G
I...  forgetting everyone

Bb       D
  Eleven heart

A C#   Ab    A    Bbm E Bbm
  Ride   away

Bbm          A
    She's my faith

C#                    F#
   I'm trusting every sound

A         Bbm
Return to sea

A   C#               F#
I... forgetting everyone

A        C#    Ab
  Eleven high

D     A    Bb    Bm F Bm
  Ride away

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