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'All over The World'
off the album Bossanova.

INTRO: G------------------------------------|

CHORDS: F# D G D play 3 times.

F#      D            G      D
   A pet  at my side,   God in the sky,
F#      D              G       D
   snow   falling down,  freeze my body
F#        D    G             D
to the ground.   I can't ride,
F#       D           G           D
   but one more time   I will ride
F#     D               G   D    F#   D   G    D
   all over the world.

Continue With F# D G D:

Washed over the side,top of the sky,
Slow diver down.Two feet land on a
diff'rent ground.You can't live easily,
you can't even speak.But all of them
speak all over the world,all over the world,
all over the world,all over the world,
all over the world,all over the world,
,all over the world.  G D

Here there's a Bridge:

A#                  Gm
   I will meet you  over there.
F#   D       G  D  F# D
       I am...
A#                 Gm          F# D   G D   F# D   G D
going to meet you  over there.

During the Solo the Chords used are:Bm ,Gmaj7 and C

There is two others parts but you can find the Lyrics in the
album.The Chords used are the same.

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