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Another Brick in the Wall part 2                Tabbed by:
By: Pink Floyd                                  John Cooke

   h   e e dq h   e  q q
G|-------------------------|  Play this 6 times, then move on to the
D|*-----------------------*|  prechorus.

Pre chorus
   w     w     w     q  q  q  q    After playing this once, play the verse
G|------------------------------|  one time, then go to the chorus.

   w     w
G|-----------|  After the chorus, play the verse, don't repeat and
D|-----------|  switch over to the chorus again. This should be played 
A|-------3---|  2 times, then go on to the verse again.

Guitar Solo
    h    e  e dq h    e  e dq  h   e  q q
G|-----------------------------------------| As you can see, very similar to
D|*---------------------------------------*| the verse. Play this for the
A|*-5----3--5-R--5----3--5-R---5---5--0-3-*| rest of the song.

Listen to the actual song to see how your part fits in.

w  =  whole note     = 4 beats
h  =  half note      = 2 beats
q  =  quarter note   = 1 beat
dq =  dotted quarter = 1 « beats
e  =  eighth note    = « beat
s  =  sixteenth note = ¬ beat
R  =  rest
*-----* = 
*-----* =

That's the song in a nutshell. Enjoy! My e-mail is out of order, so no
comments please.

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