С                     Am
Never win first place, I don´t support the team
G                              F 
I can´t take direction, and my socks are never clean 
C                 Am
Teachers dated me, my parents hated me 
G                            F
I was always in a fight cuz I can´t do nothin´

Pre Chorus:
F                  G
Everyday I fight a war against the mirror 
F                               G
I can´t take the person starin´ back at me 
I´m a hazard to myself 

               Am     G                   F
Don´t let me get me, I´m my own worst enemy 
                            C    Am
Its bad when you annoy yourself, So irritating 
G                           F
Don´t wanna be my friend no more 
                    C          Am
I wanna be somebody else 
                    G       F
I wanna be somebody else, yeah 

2nd Verse:

C           Am
LA told me, "You´ll be a pop star, 
G                         F
All you have to change is everything you are." 

C                        Am
Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears 
G               F
She´s so pretty, that just ain´t me 

Pre Chorus/Bridge:
F                        G
Doctor, doctor won´t you please prescribe somethin 
F                            G
A day in the life of someone else? 
Cuz I´m a hazard to myself 


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