what up guys. my name is johnathan and im down with Pillar.
my band and i are goin to Baton Rouge to play in a all day concert thing.
so i had to tab out the bass part. hope it satisfies. not 100% accurate but
pretty dang close. check it out!!!

Standard tuning (E,A,D,G)

Pillar - You Should Know (Bass Intro)

for Seth and baton rouge band


                                                            Harmonic note
 (That means that you slide down to              )
 (   the 5th fret but don't play the 5th fret.   )
 (Just come off the string around the 5th fret   )
 (  then hit that harmonic. Oh and yes that is   )
 (   Supposed to be a slide from 9 to 10 not     )
 (   A hammer-on like it has been.               )

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