This song hasn't been tabbed yet...or has any other phantom planet songs
except 'something is wrong' and 'california'. I would really like it if
this site could get more of there songs because they are an awesome band.
Here's one song I figured out....I can't find any of their tabs anywhere
on the come on phantom planet me out.

this song is called lonely day.

Intro: This whole part is the chord A...but hammer on the third fret
       on the G string...(you'll hear it when u play it with the cd)

I could tell from the minute I woke up

it was gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day

Rise and shine, rub the sleep out of my eyes

and try to tell myself I can't go back to bed.
 A               B7                         A
It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day

Guitar 2 is played while other guitar is still strumming A

Guitar 2


verses are played just like intro

Even thought the sun is shining down on me

and I should feel about as happy as can be

I just got here and I already wanna leave

it's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day x3

and chorus is like this

D|4---4---------7--7--------9-9------9-9-9-------------------|  x2

        D                 A
We all sing that same old song
          B7   B7
When you want it all
 B7   B7
to go away
B7                             A
it's shaping up to be a lonely day

pretty much the same through out the whole thing. Figure strumming and
stuff on your's not that hard. it's not completely right but
it's close...any me at

[email protected]

tabbed by Adel

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