Local Black and Red
Phantom Planet
Standard Tuning
www.phantomplanet.com or www.phantomplanetfamily.com
**Listen to the song to see how everything fits in**

First Chord 

All verses: 
E |------------------------------------| 
B |--4-4—5-5—6-6—8-8—4-4—5-5—6-6---5---| 
G |--5-5—5-5—6-6—8-8—5-5—5-5—6-6---6---| 
D |--6-6—6-6—8-8—8-8—6-6—6-6—8-8---6---| 
A |--------------------------------4---| 
E |------------------------------------| 

Fm Ab7 
Db F#7 
so you don’t hate yourself tonight yeahhhhh… 

E |----------------------------------------| 
B |----------------------------------------| 
G |------------------------4----4----8-6-5-| 
D |-------------------5-6----6---6---------| 
A |--------6----6-8------------------------| 
E |-4-6-8----------------------------------| 
After 1st time- Eb7 
Repeat for 2nd verse 
After 2nd time- 
A |------------| 
E |--4-6-7-8---| 

C7 Fm 
frequenting the local black and red 
Eb Ab Fm 
And how that band played you really had to stare 
Bbm Eb Bbm 
You'd only be aware that you were blinking 
F#7 Eb 
you'd only be aware that you were blinking yeah 

E |----6-8----8-------6------------------------------| 
B |-9------------8-9-----6-8-9-8-6-------------------| 
G |---------6-------------------------8-6-5----------| 
D |------------------------------------------8-6-5---| 
A |--------------------------------------------------| 
E |--------------------------------------------------| 

E |-6-8--------8-6-------------------6-7-6--------6-8------| 
B |-----9---6-------7----6-9-6----9--------9---9-----------| 
G |------------------------------------------9-------------| 
D |----------------------------9---------------------------| 
A |--------------------------------------------------------| 
E |--------------------------------------------------------|

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