Artist:Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
By: David Plattsmier


D  C  G  D (3 times)


D					C
Well she was standin' by the highway
G				D
In her boots and silver spurs
D					C
Gonna hitchhike to the yellow moon
G				D
When a Cadillac tried for her

And he said Hey nice to meet you
Are you goin' my way
Yeah, that's when it happened
The world caught fire that day

C			G
And she went down
C			G
Yeah she went down


Well she was over 21
In trouble with the law
And it didn't phase him none
She called her mother-in-law

She said I need a little money
I know I can count on you
After that night in Vegas
And the hell that we went through


We went down
Swingin' (like Billy Goodman)
Yeah we went down
Swingin' (yes we did)


Went out on the interstate
She was 'cross the Georgia line
Looked out the window feelin' great
Yeah it had to come in time

And she said I'm never goin' back
She said at last I'm free
I wish ma' could see me now
She'd be so proud of me


Yeah she went down
Swingin' (like Greg Miller)
Yeah she went down
Swingin' (like Charlie Dorresey)
Yeah she went down
Swingin' (like Sunny Davis)
She went down
Swingin. (like sunny Liston)

then fade out

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