G                        Em
You never had a chance - Did you baby?
G                     Em
So good looking, so insecure.
G                          Em
and now you say you can't remember
G                                Em
when the lines you drew began to blur.  C-Am-C-D

D                         G
Yeah, When all of this is over  C-Am-C-D
D                        G
should I lose you in the smoke
  Em          C
I want you to know
C            D
You were the one.  C-Am-C-D

        C       G                 C    G
And may my love travel - with you everywhere.
          C       G
Baby, may my love travel
         Am  G
with you always.

G                                Em  
Maggie's still trying to rope a tornado.
G                                            Em
Joe's in the backyard trying to keep things simple.
G                              Em   G                
And the lonely DJ's digging a ditch trying to keep the flames
         Em        C-Am-C-D
from the temple.
D                     G        C-Am-C-D                          
Oh, and if perhaps I lose you 
in the smoke down the road.
  Em          C 
I want you to know
 C           D      C-Am-C-D
You were the one.

(repeat chorus)  Then (guitar solo)

G                               Em      
How about a cheer for all those bad girls?
    G                             Em 
And all those boys that play that Rock N Roll.
G                          Em
They love it like you love Jesus.
It does the same thing
         Em       C-Am-C-D
to their souls.  
    D                   G    C-Am-C-D                   G       
And when all of this is over - should I lose you in the smoke.
  Em          C
I want you to know
             D     C-Am-C-D
you were the one.

(chorus) 2X 

Note:  I'm not a 100% sure on that 4 step change (C-Am-C-D) but
everything else should be correct.

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