Song: No Reason Why
Band: Pennywise
Album: Pennywise
Tabbed by: wHeELz ([email protected])

I still can't figure out the intro, so if anyone knows it, please send it
to me.

Other then that, the song has only 2 parts, the first is played at the start 
and the end, and the second is played through out the rest of the song.
Quite simple actually.

Part 1

Part 2


Lyrics (courtesy of [email protected])

I look at myself the person in the mirror is asking me asking me why I lie to
myself what's the meaning of this charade of the reason why cause no one else
knows me quite better than I know myself but that dosen't stop me from asking
myself the reason why no reason why we lie to ourselves or anyone else I look
inside my life cause I can see the things that no one else can see about the
real me cause it's only the outside you really see so don't ask me why I keep 
inside the things that I choose to hide still it dosen't stop me from asking
myself it gets me farther behind cheaters never prosper I've heard that line
but it keeps me set in my ways look me up after you've found out

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