HI! I'm 2per first time kong magbigay ng tab dito. Hi! Nga pala sa mga friendz ko at sa 
barkada ko at kay DAN(bigay ka naman nang tabs). Eto na sana magstuhan nyo ang tinab ko. 
nga pala to kay K_______ H.

     G          Em7      C9         D

E ---3-------X-------X------X------------------|l
A ---2-------2-------3-------X-----------------|l
D ---0-------2-------2-------0-----------------|l
G ---0-------0-------0-------2-----------------|l
B ---3-------3-------3-------3-----------------|l
E ---3-------3-------3-------3-----------------|l

Intro:  G-Em7-C9-D  2X

Verse I
                    G    Em7
Some people love shoes of certain kinds
Some people love afternoon
Or the way the moon shines
And they have their own reasons
To feel the way they do
		  C9		                  D
That's why I ask myself what is it with you

Is there something wrong?
With the way I speak
You don't even see me
When I pass you on the street
		     G           Em7
I'll close my eyes and let it be
Because I just can see
Why you love to hate me

Interlude (used intro chords)

Verse 2(used verse 1 chords)

Some people love weekends
Because they can fool around
Some people love thunderstorms
Because of how the drops of rain fall down
And they have their own reasons
Whatever they may be
That's why I think it's kind a funny
That you don't have one for me

Repeat Chorus

Bridge(used chorus chords)

And it sucks to face the truth
That I ain't got no reasons too it
Whenever asked the simple questions
Why I feel the way I do
And I know stupid on my part
To say that I love you
Even though I know you hate me
And you don't know why you do.

Repeat Chorus(slowly)

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