Parokya ni Edgar
Tabbed by : DECK

		A           Bm
		A           Bm
		A           Bm
		G            D

Stanza 1:
       A        Bm                  A
	I never thought I'd see the day
			Bm               A
	When love would finally come our way
		     Bm             G
	'Cause baby, you and I both know
		D                 A-Bm
	That it had a long way to go

Ad Lib: A-Bm-A-Bm-G-D-

Stanza 2:
	It never really was like this
	I used to think you were a bitch
	You really hated me way back then
	We tried to keep it that way but can't

	      Bm              G                 D                A-Bm
		'Cause now we hold the hands of those we used to hate
		G              D             A
		Call it stupid but i call it fate

(Repeat Chorus)

Stanza 3:
	Now, you never fail to make me smile
	My life with you is now worthwhile
	And all alone I never knew
	The day would come when I'll love you

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Refrain except last word)

	G           D               A break

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