Dm               C                 
               I'm on a side'o' canyon road   
                Dm                    C 
               An' people drive and stare   
                Dm                C
               I'm eating dust inside my throat   
                Dm            Bb              C
               Away from the face I wouldn't wear  
                Bb                 F                  
               The ground spins inside my head   
                Bb                   F
               And I can't drive anymore   
               Just bring my body down   
                F                             C
               And dream of what there was before  
                 Dm           Bb 
               Promises, my promises   
                            Gm                 C
               They take me all the way to extreme 
                   Dm          Bb                 
               My California promises   
                              Gm               C
               They locked me up inside of a dream 
                Dm               C                  
               I see the shadows on a strip   
                Dm                     C
               They come and stay for good   
                Dm                       C
               Sleepwalking grace with broken bones   
                Dm              Bb           C
               They've come to conquer Hollywood   
                Bb                       F
               They fly at night to the candle light   
                Bb                                F
               They burn their wings and feel no pain   
               The part that once you got   
                F                           C
               You must go on and keep on playing  
                Chorus(repeat)- 2 times!

                 D Bb                 C  (Ab) 
               Stare, staring in the sky   
                                  Bb               C
               Trying to catch a sight of angels flying   
               (See the sky with angels flying)   
                 D Bb                 C  (Ab)
               Stare, staring in the sky   
                               Bb                   C
               I just see the eyes that are never crying

                Chorus(repeat)-2 times!


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