Natalie Portman:

Verse 1 (keyboard, tabbed for guitar):

A                       E
I'm telling you a story now
C#                  D
of something that's wrong

/////play for all Verses////

F#m          D     F#m          D
Maybe she's alone, maybe she's alone
D              Dm
What can I do? What can I do?

        A                B
There's nothing, there's nothing
        C#            D
there's nothing i can do

/////play for all Choruses//////


i'm telling you a story now 
of something that's wrong 
this has been developing 
since nineteen eighty-one 

maybe she's alone 
maybe she's alone 
what can i do? 
what can i do? 

there's nothing 
there's nothing 
there's nothing i can do 

if i'm a proper jewish boy 
will her family love me? 
can't stand to see her on the stage 
and know she's not thinking of me 

maybe she'll be hearing this 
but probably she won't (probably she won't) 
possibly she has desires 
but probably she don't (probably she don't) 

there's nothing i can do 

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