Song: A Story About A Girl
Artist: Our Lady Peace
CD: Gravity
Tabbed by: Tighe Racicot

This isn't the *solo* per-se, but it's the main riff during the second and third chorus.
I'm working out the solo and the intro/main riff that plays throughout the song, but
haven't gotten it yet. I'll include the main chord pattern as well that plays behind these
riffs during the chorus.

Our Lady Peace's traditional guitar tuning is drop-b (drop all strings by one semitone.) This
applies to this song, but watch for the others on Gravity. Innocent is one where it's drop-Db
(lower E to Db and lower the remaining strings one semitone). 

Here it is:

eb |-----------------15--|---------13-13--12-12---------|----------19-19--15-15---------
Bb |---------15--13------|-----13----------------13-13--|------13----------------13-13--
Gb |-----12--------------|-12---------------------------|--12---------------------------
Db |-10------------------|------------------------------|-------------------------------
Ab |---------------------|------------------------------|-------------------------------
Eb |---------------------|------------------------------|-------------------------------
            ( 1 )                      ( 2 )                          ( 3 )        

That's it. The order goes like this:

First time: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2
Second time: 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2 (x2)

Backup guitar:

This plays behind the lead riffs
eb |-----------------------------------------------
Bb |-----------------------------------------------
Gb |--x-x--5---------------------------------------
Db |--x-x--5--7----3--3-3--/--5--5--5-5----3--3--
Ab |--x-x--3--7----3--3-3--/--5--5--5-5----3--3--
Eb |----------5----1--1-1--/--3--3--3-3----1--1--
                      [P M]         [P M]

P.S. Note the timing when the lead riff begins. There is a slight delay after they start
to play the H (x355) chord. 

Any questions, email [email protected] or add me to yer MSN. I'm working out TONS
of their songs since there aren't any online, and the ones that are suck. Next up:
Is Anybody Home (Even the lead parts! :O )

Peace (Our Lady),

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