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From: [email protected] (parker evan c)
Date:         1 Jan 96 16:46:38 
Subject:      st_teresa.tab

st. teresa
by joan osborne
off of the album *relish*

transcribed by evan c. parker
               [email protected]

this is my tab for the verses of this song... not the difinitive
version, mainly because the verses are accompanied by a mandolin,
*not* a guitar.  this is just how we play it, because we don't have
a mandolin... so it is really just a cheap imitation, though it sounds
pretty darn good (if i do say so myself.)



st. teresa
by joan osborne

(verse tab solo x1)


sit down on the corner, just a little climb
  when i make my money got to get my dime
sit down with her baby, wind is full of trash
  she's bald as the street light... dark and sweet as hash


      am g       c   f    am g     c  f
way down in the hollow, leaving so soon...
  am g     c  f    am     g        am
  oh, st. teresa, higher than the moon.

(verse tab solo x1)


reach down for the sweet stuff, when she looks at me
  i know any man see's you like i see
follow down the side street moving single file
  she says that's where i'll hold you sleeping like a child

(repeat chorus)

(verse tab solo x1)


just what i've been needing, i feel it rise in me
  she says every storm and story like a rosery
corner st. teresa just a little crime
  when i make my money, got to get my dime

(repeat chorus)  g  am


am  g   c   f
am  g   c   f
am  g   c   f
am  g   am  g

am   g        am     g
you called up in the sky
you called up in the clouds
is there something you forgot
to tell me
tell me
tell me tell me
tell me tell me...

am  g  am  g

(verse tab solo x1)


show me my teresa,  feel it rise in me
  am    g          c f  am     g   am
  every storm and story like a rosery

evan c. parker
[email protected]

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